Navigating through COVID-19


How The Recovery Course Is responding to COVID-19 and Its significant impact on those struggling with addiction, isolation and mental health and what we are doing to support our guests,

volunteers, partners and the recovery course operational team.

Will you join us to make sure no one has to face an addiction problem alone?


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Why regular donations matter

Regular gifts by direct debit give us a predictable income so we can commit to helping more people. 


Thousands of people will be looking for help this Christmas and New Year. Our dedicated team of recovery course leaders and mentors across the UK are preparing to work hard to do all they can for them. 


We want to be there for all the people who are facing addiction alone and are isolated because of COVID-19 and the current pandemic restrictions. For their mental health and well-being. For their families and friends who are struggling because of their addiction. For the people who are in great need and trying to beat addiction and get back on their feet. The pandemic and lockdown restrictions mean that the next few months will be very difficult, but The Recovery Course team are fighting hard for those who need help.


What we are doing this winter.

Just some of the ways we will be supporting people through Christmas and into the New Year:

Providing on-going online recovery community groups to help people connect and find friendship and    support

Giving online support, encouragement, advice and help

Running weekly online recovery sessions, so those caught in addiction can find help through the twelve steps of recovery

Providing online mentoring for encouragement and accountability through single sex small groups

Providing free resources and teaching to help people learn more about the roots of addiction and how to find freedom

Developing new online resources to inform and educate people to find ways to manage and beat - addiction

Working with local churches and organisations to seek additional services to help people get their lives back on track

In addition, we are running a national online recovery course starting March 2021 to help people with all kinds of addiction and compulsive behaviours find true freedom.

Download our Interim Report.



“And the King will answer them, ‘Don’t you know? When you cared for one of the least important of these my little ones, my true brothers and sisters, you demonstrated love for me.’


Matthew 25:40

The Passion Translation