Join the online recovery group


Join the online recovery group and find a warm welcome, a great community, and experienced recovery leaders who help you explore the steps to freedom!

Starting Tuesday 4th May 2021

The Recovery Course Online Group

This online recovery group is open to anyone struggling with any sort of addiction or any compulsive behaviour, including drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, gambling and self-harming.


Starting Tuesday, May 4th, and running for eight weeks, finishing June 22nd.  This new weekly group will explore the themes of the recovery course and the steps to freedom in a relaxed mixed group. You can join any week!

In this group, you will find support and friendship and you will learn through open group discussion more about the course and ways to begin your journey to freedom. 

Start date and place

This group starts Tuesday 4th May at 7 pm through Zoom. Access to the Zoom sessions will be given to all guests once registration has been completed.

Everyone is welcome!

All those in addiction, compulsive behaviours and secret habits, etc. You can be in solid recovery, new to recovery or still working towards recovery.

This group is all about learning the steps and gaining knowledge and skills to become free of any addiction, compulsive behaviour or secret habit.

Group Leaders

Led by experienced course and group leader Grant Robbins, who has his own recovery story and has been running and leading courses and recovery groups for some time, and Jen Vickers, who is a volunteer in prison chaplaincy and a retired NHS Therapy Manager.