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Regular exercise has been found to be one of the best known ways to decrease stress, anxiety and depression and help to stabilise mood, improve sleep and self-esteem.  Studies have long suggested that It takes between 20 and 30 minutes of aerobic exercise to release endorphins, the bodies natural feel good chemicals, and once they are triggered you start to feel the benefit and enjoy the exercise as part of your daily routine and recovery.

Nat moody, a recovery group leader and speaker, is passionate about fitness in recovery and has personally experienced the benefits of adding daily exercise to his recovery. Nat believes that regular exercise is a vital ingredient in recovery and believes it's in everyone's reach. Nat says, "No matter where you are, we can all do some form of exercise which will improve our health and fitness to help our recovery".  Nat has brought fitness in recovery to his home with 'Fitness on the Drive' a friendly and supportive group helping people with their fitness goals and nutritional advice. Nat is also part of the team at 'Ebbsfleet Baptist Church - Sunday Active' which offers local residents the opportunity to enjoy a range of simple healthy activities together, including a walk, a run, refreshments, and an interactive presentation on an aspect of spiritual health from a Christian perspective. Inspired? Then here's Nat's top five to get you started! 1: Make a start! Whatever it is you want to achieve with your fitness, start now! 2: Set some goals! Start with some achievable goals and stick to them. 3: Be with people: Join a group, class or find someone who you can exercise with. 4: Make small changes: Be consistent and make small changes as they have lasting impact! 5: Commit to it: This is the where you enjoy the benefits of the hard work you've put in by having staying power! "Working your recovery is a day by day choice and exercise can be part of that process.  The choice to invest in your recovery and add some regular exercise no matter how small will help to improve your overall well-being, fitness and mental health." Nat Moody, Recovery Course Group Leader

Find out more about fitness in recovery here

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