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11th September 2018 saw the launch of The Recovery Course at YLF Church in Toronto, Canada. Guy Chevreau and Kevin Burgess, who are running the course made a short film which was shown at the Conference in October. Their message was a real encouragement, especially for smaller courses just starting out.

Chris West-Russel continues his great work of expanding The Recovery Course in South Africa. He too made a very moving film for the Conference featuring The Recovery Course in action with testimonies from guests in Lofdal International Church.

Please continue to remember him in your prayers as he looks to set up more courses in some very needy areas.

Damien Kinnear from Australia being interviewed by Emma Heath

We were joined in person at the Conference by Damien Kinnear and his wife who are leading The Recovery Course in Brisbane, Australia and looking to expand out there, particularly in Prisons where the need for Recovery is great.

Matt Rankin has been running The Recovery Course in the USA for several years and we are pleased to support and engage with him to make sure he has all the latest resources.

It is so inspiring to see the way the Lord is using this course across the planet. One of our key projects is to get a better understanding of where the course is being run. The main reason is to ensure we can point people in the right direction for their closest course when they get in touch with us (as they often do). We also want to develop a sense of community, to share ideas, best practice and new materials.

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