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Join the online recovery course and find a warm welcome, a great community, and experienced recovery leaders who will guide you through the steps to freedom!

Starting Tuesday 9th March 2021

The Recovery Course Online

The Recovery Course online is open to anyone struggling with any sort of addiction or any compulsive behaviour, including drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, gambling and self-harming.


Led by Recovery Course leaders Nat Moody and Emma Heath, and a team of experienced course leaders who have their own recovery stories.

This new online course runs for fifteen weeks and follows the twelve steps with short teaching videos and quality time in single-sex groups to further explore each step, helping each guest to understand addiction and gain skills and knowledge.

Includes: Main talk and testimony and single-sex groups for discussion.

Start date and place

This course starts Tuesday 9th March at 7 pm through Zoom. Access to the Zoom sessions will be given to all guests prior to the course commencement.


Everyone is welcome!

All those in addiction, compulsive behaviours and secret habits, etc. You can be in solid recovery, new to recovery or still working towards recovery.

The Recovery Course is all about becoming free of addiction, compulsive behaviours and secret habits.

Course Leaders

Nat Moody

Nat’s heart is for the very lost, last and the least. He has a contagious passion for God and loves to encourage people to find ways of overcoming adversity to develop a champion mind-set!

Emma Louise Heath

Emma has been the facilitator of the largest UK Recovery Course in Bournemouth, and is passionate to see churches & organisations working together to run the recovery course nationally.

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Donations go towards developing the course around the world so that more people who struggle with an addiction can find freedom.


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