Step Two

 We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.


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Topic for thought

The subject of this session is all about finding a new order in our lives. We have come to see that over the years we have been powerless to successfully change our addictive behaviour no matter how hard we have tried. As a result, our lives have become increasingly unmanageable and some of the things we have been doing could be considered to be ‘insane’. We have come to realise that we need a power greater than ourselves who will begin to change us and restore us to sanity, and this power is found in God.


The Issue

The purpose of Step 2 is to help us come to our senses and realise the insanity of some of the stuff we have been doing. We have lived with our compulsive behaviour for so long now, possibly without any major consequences, and we may be tempted to thin

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