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Donations go towards developing the course around the world so that more people who struggle with an addiction can find freedom.


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Recovery is so often all about the addict. But what about family members and loved ones who are adversely affected by the destructive habits of others? Al-anon and Gam-anon and other similar groups provide fantastic support and the vision of Liz Heath (Mother of Emma from the Bournemouth course and Trustee of The Recovery Course) was to provide a structured Christ-based course in the same way, using the 12 steps.

The course is a great resource, complementing and supporting The Recovery Course. We run a small Recovery Support group for partners and parents of those attending the Tonbridge Recovery Course on the same evening. It has been running at Bournemouth for a few years.

If you would like the resource pack and materials for The Recovery Support Group, please contact

"My life was ruled by my son’s addiction, I blamed myself.....not sleeping, I was at breaking point." "I have a life of my own, I no longer feel guilty or responsible for his actions and he has been dry for 5 months now, my life is a million times better and I can now at last see a future where I have my family together and my son back"

“I attended the Recovery Support Group & can honestly say that it saved me at a very dark time. Creating a place where I was able to sit & talk openly & honestly was a lifeline. Being listened to (really listened to!) understood & empathised with was a lifeline. Hearing other people going through the same or worse was a lifeline. For the first time I was not alone in my complicated life. I wasn’t judged, shamed or looked down on.”