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Helping you find freedom from any addiction, habit or compulsive behaviour

A free twelve step course for adults with practical insights, guided teaching and support for anyone seeking freedom from addiction

Ready for a change? We can help.

Introduction to the recovery course

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A reliable team

Our team of dedicated and experienced course leaders are available to train and equip teams to run the course


Whether your considering attending or running a course we have free downloadable digital course resources


A network of courses run by experienced and trained leaders held in churches nationally

Running the recovery course

The Recovery Course is based on the 12-step programme of Alcoholics Anonymous, incorporating Christian principles, and designed solely for anyone seeking to break a dependence on an addiction. We welcome all onto our courses, regardless of ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Some do the course to intentionally invest in their recovery, others are looking to address more specific challenges. Either way, the course offers essential tools and practical ideas and support to help understand addiction and help people find lasting recovery. 

Are you considering running the recovery course? 
We provide you with all the digital resources you need to get your course running in your church including, a full leaders manual, training, guest and leaders course books, prayer guidelines, video sessions, testimonies, and branding to promote the course.


The Recovery Course is a Christian charity established to reach those suffering from the effects of addictions of all kinds, including alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, food, social media and other compulsive habits. The charity does this through enabling, equipping and encouraging churches to run the Recovery Course.  The course is suitable for people of faith or no faith; the key requirement for a successful outcome is that course attendees have a desire to overcome their addiction.



Our desire is to see people suffering from the pain and grip of addiction restored to wholeness and a new sense of purpose in life.



Our vision for the Recovery Course is to see as many people as possible set free from their addiction.



Our mission is to facilitate recovery from addiction through a 12 step step course based on biblical principles, thereby giving hope and freedom to people of any or no faith.

What we do 

We offer free training and support to churches and Christian-based organisations running or wishing to run the Recovery Course throughout the UK and beyond.

We maintain the Recovery Course resources which are offered at no cost to churches and Christian-based organisations wishing to run the Recovery Course.

We host an annual Recovery Course Conference for representatives from churches and Christian-based organisations either running the course or interested in doing so. This is an opportunity to meet other course facilitators, and where best practice is discussed through seminars, and information provided on how best to operate the Recovery Course.


The Recovery Course team are actively involved in running Recovery Courses, as well as supporting new courses with training, leading and speaking. The team also work alongside a number of other addiction-focused charities. Our trustees often speak to the media on issues surrounding addiction, and our CEO speaks regularly to mainstream media specifically on issues of gambling addiction, and has supported national campaigns aiming to include safety-mechanisms within the gambling industry.

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